Understanding the purpose of classification and division essay topics

In terms of paper writing, there are two ways of structuring and explaining things. One of them is classification and another one is division. When looking for topics to cover when writing a division and classification paper, you need to keep in mind the specificities of this kind of writing and choose only those topics that would help you accomplish the purpose of the assignment. We are here to offer you a number of classification and division essay topics to cover in your paper. Apart from that, we would like you to know that our team of professional writers is aways ready to help you deal with your writing assignments of any level of complexity, any subject and topic. All you have to do is to contact us or just make an order online and we will take care of everything. Our aim is to make the life of students easier and more enjoyable by letting them have more free time for what they want to do instead of spending days and nights coping with college tasks. In any case, keep reading to find out which topics are the best to discuss in your division and classification essay.

The meaning of division and classification

Division serves to separate certain items into specific categories. The best way to explain complex issues is to break them down into categories or groups according to different aspects of the discussed issue. This makes it easier not only to explain, but also to understand for those who is going to read your essay. Classification also serves for the same purpose and helps classify complex issues and discuss them step by step, highlighting each category at a time. At the same time, you should consider certain requirements how to create proper categories that would serve your purpose. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Avoid mixing categories. One category should only include items with a similar number of features. For example, if you are writing about vehicles, you can't put planes, bikes and cars into the same category.
  • Make sure to make your categories as specific as possible. In other words, you can't put the same item into two different categories. Once it is provided in one of them, you can repeat by including it to the next one.
  • Every category should have a deep meaning and profound argumentation in order to highlight the differences between items provided in different categories. Keep in mind that superficial difference is actually what makes the ground for this kind of essay.
  • Try not to include into categories too many various items, because it will make your idea and essay in general hard to understand. On the contrary, you should make it as simple as possible, because your ultimate goal is to make people who read your paper understand what you mean.

Keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind, you can now proceed to choosing a topic for your paper. We prepared a list of classification and division essay topics that you will find below.

Picking up an interesting topic for your essay

So, you have to understand that whatever topic you choose, it has to give you an opportunity to divide that or another issue into categories. Here are some examples to consider:

  • How different people deal with bad news. In this case, you may create categories in accordance with the age, nationality, gender of the representatives of the audience etc.
  • How students get ready for their exams. Here, you may divide students into groups according to the year of their studying or their specialization.
  • Write an essay on the ways to learn foreign languages. This would be a very informative and useful essay not only for your readers, but for you as well.
  • Provide different ways of how to lose weight. This topic is always popular, especially among women, so you will definitely catch your reader's attention when choosing it. Your categories may provide different methods of losing weight by means of food diets, physical exercises, life style and so on.
  • Essay on methods of making energy. As a matter of fact, during the last years the issue of generating energy has become extremely important, so this topic will for sure be interesting for your professor.
  • If you are a fan of economy, consider writing about different kinds of investments. You may categorize them by the types of business, the scale of projects, countries and so on.
  • For music fans a great topic would be to write about different kinds of music. You may discuss contemporary styles or the ones that have already gone with history.
  • In terms of discussing art, consider various kinds of art to cover in your paper. A good idea would be to do research on the evolution of art during centuries.

Getting started with your essay

The above provided classification and division essay topics are good for beginners as well as for those who have some experience in writing this kind of papers. Once you have chosen the topic that you find the most interesting and appropriate in your particular case, it's time to proceed to the practical part of the completing process. Here is what you will have to do:

  • Narrow down the chosen topic until it is specific enough. The thing is, the more wide your topic is, the harder it will be to do research and discuss it. So you need to pick a particular aspect that seems the most important to you and narrow your topic to it.
  • If you find it difficult to narrow the topic, divide it into subtopics and make a list of them. When you see all the possible options written, it will be easier for you to decide which one to choose.
  • Come up with ideas to every subtopic in order to figure out which one is going to be the most interesting to discuss.
  • Keep in mind that depending on the size of your paper, you can choose several subtopics. You only need to make sure you will be able to cover all of them appropriately.

Establishing your paper

In order to make your essay look and sound solid, you need to work on it step by step and let the process flow naturally. A good plan is a basis for your further work, so don't skip this step, otherwise you will get lost in your own ideas. Below, we provided the most essential steps to follow when writing an effective division essay. Check them out:

  • Plan. No matter what your essay is going to be about, you need to make a good plan first. It includes brainstorming all possible ideas and outlining them. All this has to be done in a written form, because this is how you will see the whole pattern.
  • Put your ideas into the right order. You need to figure out in which order your ideas will follow each other and make sure it will provide a clear and logical structure to your paper. Keep in mind there always have to be logical links between your ideas and paragraphs.
  • Work on your thesis statement. You need to develop a good first paragraph that would give your potential reader a vivid idea of what is going to be the matter of your further discussion. Don't let your reader guess and be straightforward. Include there your key idea and a hook to grab your audience's attention.
  • Proceed to the writing step. Once you ensure the structure of your essay is properly created and the categories are logical, you can start writing. Provide ideas one after another and don't mix them. Every paragraph should provide a separate idea and lead to the next one.
  • Make sure to give enough of relevant examples in your essay. They will serve as arguments to prove your point, as well as to demonstrate your competence in regard to the discussed issue.
  • Don't jump from one idea to another within the body of your essay. There has to be an understandable link leading your thoughts to an obvious conclusion.
  • Proceed to the conclusion. Here, you are expected to summarize all the information provided in the body paragraphs, but also to paraphrase the thesis statement. At the same time, try to make your conclusion as impressive as possible, for it is going to be the last thing your reader will see.

Before submitting your paper

Even when your essay is accomplished, don't hurry up to submit it right away. At first, you need to ask yourself the following questions in order to make sure you've got a perfect paper.

  • Have you achieved the purpose of this kind of paper writing? Did you provide proper classification?
  • Are the categories provided in a clear and understandable manner?
  • Is your paper meaningful enough and highlights all the aspects of the discussed issue?
  • Are there any bias, negative statements, personal judgements or other inappropriate moments in your essay?
  • Is there anything left that you should have covered in your paper but you have missed it? Are there any holes in the discussion?
  • Do you personally like what you have written? What mark would you give to yourself for this paper?

All these questions will show you whether your essay it ready to be submitted. We hope our classification and division essay topics will help you to come up with ideas for your paper. In any case, remember that we are always here to provide you with all the needed help and support.