Comparitive Examination of Different Strategies of Birla Sunlife Shared Fund Dissertation





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Management Rep B. B. A 3 Yr.

Birla Sunlife Shared Fund





This is to Certify that Ms. Sonakshi Jain Scholar of BBA III Yr at Shri Vardhman Ladies College, Beawer has accomplished training task report titled " comparitive study between different schemes of BSLI MUTUAL FUND”. The task has been completed after studying for 2 yr in B. B. A course and for partfully rewarding the requirement for merit of amount of B. B. A. from Mds university or college Ajmer.

The traning project report is over under the guidence of GUNJAN SIMLOTE as per the norms and guidelines provided.


Sonakshi jain kanta jain


➢ Acceptance

➢ Preface

➢ Need for Report

➢ Introduction of Mutual Money

➢ A history of Shared Funds

➢ Mutual Cash – An understanding

➢ Company profile

➢ Project Profile

➢ Product Profile

➢ Job Account

➢ Examination and Interpretations

➢ Swot Analysis

➢ Findings and Suggestions

➢ Conclusion

➢ Annexure –


Customer survey


" One's mind, once stretched by a fresh idea; never regains its original dimensions”

-Oliver Windell Holmes

The summer training statement prepared by me though bears my brand alone nevertheless is actually a collective effort. I am without a doubt indebted to many people and the names certainly deserve to become mentioned.

Firstly I appreciate GOD-the Immutable for making me a human and my parents without whom We would not have recently been capable enough to make this kind of report.

I actually thank the Prof. Indu Vasandani Mind of Department (Department of management studies) and Ms. Shilpa Joshi Prof. of Management Studies giving his consent and blessings to undertake this training.

I likewise thank my personal teachers as well as the administrative staff of my college because of their invaluable recommendations and absolute, wholehearted help.

I actually very truly thank GUNJAN SIMLOTE (Branch Head Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund) for allowing me to undertake this kind of training and guiding me personally along. And my father Mister. Akshay Kumar Jain for his important suggestions and assistance. The staff of Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund Ajmer were incredibly supportive.

I actually very especially thank my friends for their support.


In such a time of doubt and low self-esteem, mutual cash come to investors' save by Liberalization and The positive effect has shrunk the world in a global community. Rapidly moving world economic climate has connected the geographically divided countries into a single thread. Opening up with the economy for the remainder of the world will shape the industries and companies by same financial forces since else wherever in the world. Companies and firms thus need to work in a competitive current market, where there is not a guarantee that every single business need to make money. Energetic market condition and global economic reduce have pressured an individual to become more cautious about investment of each and every penny kept.

offering secure and revenue yielding investment avenues. Modifying their pay in products and expanding new and innovative techniques with advanced services common funds have got there by simply made...

Bibliography: March twenty first, 1924

The first standard mutual finance was born


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