INTL 440 Syllabus LDD Jan 14 Essay


School of Security and Global Research


Cyber Combat

Credit Hours: three or more

Length of Study course: 8 Weeks

Requirement: NONE

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Instructor: Lawrence D. Dietz, COL (R), USAR, JD, MBA, LLM, MSS Resource: Make sure you contact your instructor through the Communications tab in their classroom. After the class is over, teacher contact information: Lawrence. [email protected] amu. edu

Table of Contents

Course Explanation (Catalog)

INTL440 Cyber Rivalry (3 hours)

This course offers an overview of internet warfare as well as the potential effect of it is use simply by military, terrorist, and legal organizations. Simply by studying the operation of computer networks, the student will gain a great appreciation showing how they have equally benefited culture and made helpings of its infrastructure more vulnerable. An overview of cyber weaponry will be provided, and several offensive and defensive tactics will be evaluated via circumstance studies.

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Course Opportunity

As a 400-level course, this course provides a level of00 knowledge building on the material taught with the 300 level. The purpose and scope with this course should be to enable the student to build a deeper comprehension of the self-control.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

After effectively completing this program, you will be able to:

CO-1: Examine cyberspace and cyber combat.

CO-2: Picture basic computer system network functions.

CO-3: Evaluate selected cyber weapons and the associated attack strategies. CO-4: Examine protecting strategies for obtaining networks.

CO-5: Evaluate web war features of picked nations.

Desk of Articles

Course Delivery Method

This course, shipped via distance learning, will enable students to complete academics work in a flexible manner, completely online. В Course solutions and entry to an online learning management system will be available to each pupil. Online assignments are credited by Saturday at 10: 55 pm ET and can include all crafted assignments, exams, and research papers published for grading. Weekly Community forum questions (accomplished in groupings in a Forum) require a principal posting by Thursday by 11: 55 pm ET, with all other required answers due by simply Sunday by 11: fifty-five pm AIN. В The assigned faculty will support the students during this eight-week course.

Table of Contents

Training course Resources

Required Course Book:

Andress, Jason, and Steve Winterfeld. Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Techniques and Tools for Protection Practitioners. Syngress Publishing, 2011. APUS Online Library

Exterior websites and also other assigned reading found in the Lessons area of the class room.

Weekly Lesson Remarks and video tutorials or audio files are found in the Lessons area of the classroom. Table of Articles

Evaluation Types of procedures

Forum discussions – 25 %

Each week, an analysis question is provided and posts ought to reflect an assimilation of the readings. В Students are required to give a substantive first post by simply Thursday by 11: fifty five pm AIN and react to 2 or even more classmates by simply Sunday eleven: 55 evening ET. Discussion board posts happen to be graded about timeliness, relevance, knowledge of the weekly blood pressure measurements, and the top quality of original ideas.

My own experience has shown that it completes in about 600 terms to make a powerful primary submitting. You also need to employ references in the form of footnotes to support your tips. Wikipedia is not an satisfactory academic guide.

Effective replies need to add value towards the overall conversation. Generally this cannot be accomplished in less than 90 words or so.

Be advised if your answers all seriously Sunday that you will not likely report very well in this...

Bibliography: WITHOUT Institute:

Libicki (2009)

Robinson (2007): " Corporate and business Espionage 201” from WITHOUT Institute Browsing Room

Thornbaugh, " The Invasion from the Chinese Cyberspies, " Period, August 29, 2005,,9171,1098961-1,00.html

Gates, Gilbert. " What sort of Secret Cyberwar Program Proved helpful. " The newest York Times, June one particular, 2012.

Table of Contents


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