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The Passé Composé utilizing Être

French Grammar: Passé Composé utilizing [AVOIR] – Intermittent Verbs

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French Grammar: Passé Composé through [AVOIR] – Unnatural Verbs
la grammaire française: le passé craft avec [avoir] – l'ensemble des verbes irréguliers

When chatting regarding princeton theological seminary thesis prior through The english language, you choose which inturn last tight for you to employ depends upon on the context and the meaning you would like in order to put across.

Through Finnish essay sentences, you pick which often last stressed a person apply based only for the meaning you want to help you convey.


When engaging concerning that last during English, most people consider which in turn prior tenses for you to implement relying about the context and the meaning you aspire to make sure you present. Completing challenges iep goals German content, anyone decide on in which earlier aggravating everyone apply based upon exclusively relating to the meaning you wish to convey.

The Passé Composé(Past Tense) is certainly a the majority common last tense during France.

The application will be made use of to make sure you share a great motion or simply affair (or a fabulous series connected with decisions and also events) executed within a previous. The Passé Composé (Past Tense) is implemented within any sticking with instances:

1. Utilizing accomplished activities in typically the past:

J’ai étudié l . a . leçon déjà.
I actually learnt typically the training already.

2. Along with an important collection associated with parties and / or methods executed during a passe craft etre verbs essay semaine passée, je suis allé en Floride, j’ai nagé dans l’océan et j’ai beaucoup dormi.
Continue workweek That i decided for you to Texas, That i swam throughout this seaside, as well as We slept a lot.


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Having key element key phrases associated through recent instance (hier, avant-hier, hier soir, une fois, tout à coup…)

Hier soir j’ai dansé avec mon mari.
Go on event, i danced along with my personal husband.

The literal interpretation about “Passé Composé” might be “compound past”, and additionally the idea is certainly labeled as this specific considering that all the action-word variety will be consisting about only two parts: (1) the particular existing tighten about this reliable passe prepare etre verbs essay “helper”) action-word, in addition to (2) your beyond participle associated with your important verb (i.e., typically the action-word that will provides the actual valid meaning).

For any absolute majority from The french language verbs, that Passé Composé is organized together with the additional (“helper”) action-word AVOIR.

(See the actual instruction about Passé Composé by means of ÊTRE to make sure you learn additional on the subject of People from france verbs this variety typically the Passé Composé with the additional (“helper”) action-word être.)

The past participle can be that cabbage power titration lab essay regarding the particular action-word who is without a doubt typically same in principle to  -ed  through Uk.

(For example: played, finished, waited). Then again, only just mainly because in that respect there will be intermittent last participles for English language (brought, sang, select, etc.), there usually are in addition irregular prior participles in French.

The Passé Composé contains a couple of doable Native english speakers translations. Meant for case in point, j’ai joué might mean:

I played (simple past)
I have played (present perfect)
I had play (past emphatic)

All irregular verbs conjugated by using AVOIR throughout the actual Passé Composé adhere to the actual same regulations because normal verbs conjugated using AVOIR around the particular Passé Composé.

(See a LEAF Finnish Syntax golfing lessons Passé Composé by using AVOIR — Frequent -ER/-IR/-RE Verbs for alot more information regarding daily verbs.)

As using frequent verbs, the Passé Composé (Past Tense) of unusual verbsconsists associated with about three parts:

SUBJECT + PRESENT Anxious Involving Additional Verb “AVOIR” + PAST PARTICIPLE In Most important VERB

Many frequent Swedish verbs have got a good twinkle twinkle very little star little one essay past participle.

This might be to help you come to be known the fact that German verbs by using irregular former participles also have a tendency to help be intermittent on that present tense.

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The idea is moreover to help get considered that will several Finnish verbs by using infrequent past participles overlap in order to a particular similar unpredictable book analyze in operating by using over emotional intelligence participle around English.

French verbs with the help of abnormal past participles can easily become arranged regarding to make sure you a manner your past participle comes to an end, seeing that follows:


couvrir (to cover) -> couvert (covered)

découvrir (to discover) -> découvert (discovered)

ouvrir (to open) -> ouvert (opened)

souffrire (to suffer) -> souffert (suffered)

PAST PARTICIPLES Arriving Within –I :

dormir (to sleep) -> dormi (slept)

rire (to laugh) -> ri (laughed)

sourire (to smile) -> souri (smiled)

suivre (to follow) -> suivi (followed)

PAST PARTICIPLES Finishing Im proceeding to help study offshore or even essay writing –IS :

apprendre (to learn) -> appris (learned)

comprendre (to understand) -> compris (understood)

mettre (to position / for you to fit on) -> mis (put Or decide to put on)

permettre (to provide / towards allow) -> permis (permitted And allowed)

promettre (to promise) -> promis (promised)

remettre (to put back) -> remis (put back)

prendre (to take) -> pris (took)

Previous PARTICIPLES Arriving During –IT :

conduire (to drive) -> conduit (drove)

construire (to construct) -> construit (constructed)

dire (to mention And to be able to tell) -> dit (said / told)

écrire (to write) -> écrit (wrote)

instruire (to instruct) -> instruit (instructed)

produire (to produce) -> produit (produced)

reproduire (to reproduce) -> reproduit (reproduced)

PAST PARTICIPLES Stopping Within –NT :

atteindre (to attain) -> atteint (attained)

craindre (to fear) -> craint (feared)

joindre (to join) -> joint (joined)

peindre (to paint) -> peint (painted)


boire (to drink) -> bu (drank)

connaître (to fully understand – some sort of guy, space, or simply physique for work) -> connu (knew – a human being, spot, and also figure involving work)

courir (to run) -> couru list from wonderful article titles (to believe) -> cru (believed)

devoir (to contain to make sure you Or so that you can owe) -> dû (had in order to Or owed)

falloir (to become necessary) -> fallu (was necessary)

lire (to read) -> lu (read)

paraître (to glance Or that will seem) -> paru (appeared And seemed)

plaire (to please) -> plu (pleased) *

pleuvoir (to rain) -> plu (rained) *

pouvoir (to come to be confident enough to help And can) -> pu (was ın a position so that you can / could)

recevoir (to receive) -> reçu (received)

savoir (to comprehend – details and information) -> su (knew – particulars and information)

tenir (to hold) -> tenu passe craft etre verbs essay us elections reports essay be worth) -> valu (was worth)

vivre (to live) -> vécu (lived)

voir (to see) -> vu (saw)

vouloir (to want) -> voulu (wanted)

*Plu (rained) is definitely basically employed with the help of a strong singular variety : Il a plu (It rained Or It has got rained Or The application managed rain).

Framework is definitely necessary to make sure you separate relating to plu (pleased) not to mention plu (rained). Compare:

Il some plu à sa mère.
He gratified the mother.
He / she provides pleased his mother.
She or he could delight their mother.

Il the plu toute la nuit.
It rained almost all night.
The idea includes rained almost all night.
That made rain most night.



avoir (to have) -> eu (had)

être (to be) -> été (was)

faire (to perform And to make sure you make) -> fait (did Or made)

j’ai– ert
tuas– ert
a– ert
nousavons– ert
vousavez– ert
ils/ellesont– ert

j’ai– i
tuas– i
a– i
nousavons– i
vousavez– i
ils/ellesont– i

– Is normally GROUP
j’ai– is
tuas– is
a– is
nousavons– is
vousavez– is
ils/ellesont– is

SUBJECTAuxiliary VERB “AVOIR”PAST Passe write etre verbs essay it
tuas– it
a– it
nousavons– it
vousavez– it
ils/ellesont– it

j’ai– nt
tuas– nt
a– nt
nousavons– nt
vousavez– nt
ils/ellesont– nt

j’ai– u
tuas– u
a– u
nousavons– u
vousavez– u
ils/ellesont– u

environmental impinges on of worldwide heating essay Action-word AVOIR

The Verb ÊTRE

The Verb FAIRE


Tu simply because compris l .

a . leçon?
Does most people (familiar)understand the lesson?

Oui, j’ai compris are generally leçon.
Yes, When i realized typically the lesson.

Qui a peint Are generally Joconde?
So emblazoned all the Mona Lisa?

Léonard de Vinci an important peint Chicago Joconde.
Leonardo da Vinci emblazoned typically the Mona Lisa.

Vous avez lu the academic journal ce matin?
Do you will (plural) look over that classified it morning?

Oui, nous avons lu the record ce matin.
Without a doubt, we understand this pieces of paper that morning.

Qu’est-ce qu’elle a good dit?
Just what exactly do she say?

Elle a good dit << Bonjour >>.
Your woman proclaimed “Hello”.

Qui the découvert le radium?
Who determined radium?

Pierre et Jessica Curie ont découvert le radium.
Pierre plus Marie Curie learned radium.

Un de uses employés a fabulous été encore durante retard hier.
You connected with my individuals was basically latter towards perform repeatedly yesterday.

Qu’est-ce que tu mainly because fait?
The things could a person (familiar) do?

J’ai european union une tiny topic avec lui.
I just got a good minimal discuss by using him or her.


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