Paper Bath towel

Experimental Design


Experimental Design

Bashaer Alkhafaji

University or college Of Michigan- Dearborn

Trial and error Design


Question: Which will paper bath towel absorbs drinking water the most?

Personal Relevancy and Description of subject area: Paper-towels are very beneficial when it comes to cleaning up spills. In addition , paper towels may be used to dry hands, wipe dining tables, and etc. (Paper towels) There are numerous uses for paper-towels that People in the usa last year " spent nearly $2. several billion on paper towels” (Wilbert, 2003). The main reason Americans like paper towels than cloth towels is because they could be thrown away, sadly " sending 3000 a lot of paper towels to landfills each day” (Wilbert, 2003). Think about how a large number of trees had been cut down to meet consumer requirements. According to the Organization and the Environment, " 270, 000, 000 trees happen to be flushed straight down or tossed into the garbage” (2006).

Being a teacher, I have to teach my personal students being more earth-friendly and to spend less. Students tend to overuse paper towels and waste materials not only money spent on paper bath towels, but as well trees which were cut down to make paper towels. I want to show them simply how much paper towels that they really need by doing an try things out of which newspaper towel absorbs water the most. Also, this experiment will show them that one of the most absorbent paper towel will host enough water without more than using it in a minor spill.

Hypothesis: Resources paper towels is going to absorb even more volume of drinking water, then other brands of paper-towels in a time framework on one minute.


Impartial Variable:

3 different types of 27. 9x22. a few cm newspaper towel bedding will be analyzed Dependent Changing:

Experimental Design and style

Measure 90 ml of water assimilated in newspaper towel for 1 minute Controlled Parameters:

Amount of time that every paper bath towel will be put in the water Volume of water put on every single paper bath towel

Controlled could measured the water

Controlled can certainly make money drained water

Controlled exactly where I located the daily news towel inside the pan of water Handled the way My spouse and i picked up daily news towel


3 sheets of Viva (White Big Roll) conventional paper towel

three or more sheets of Bounty (Basic White) conventional paper towel

3 sheets of Magic Very soft paper bath towel

8 by 11 " glass pan

1 Funnel


Leader (a metric ruler)


1 obvious plastic beaker (Make you need to can load it up with 100 milliliters of water. ) one particular test tube (Make sure it can fill to 60 ml of water)

a few

Experimental Design


Water (900 ml of water)

Writing Utensil to record data (Pencil or Pen)

Notepad to record observations

Wash Bath towel (Any rinse cloth will do)


1 . As all three paper towels will vary in dimensions, cut Viva and Resources to match Magic Soft linen size as it has the quickest sheet size. When putting them all collectively, make sure that Magic Soft is usually on top of the other two paper towels so that you have helpful information for reducing the sheet. Using a ruler, measure Bounty and Viva to make sure they can be 27. 9x22. 3 cm.

2 . Dump 100 milliliters of normal water into the skillet.

3. Begin by Placing the Resources paper towel in the middle of the pan and softly with your fingertips soak the paper bath towel in and so the entire sheet can absorb the water. 4. Time that for one day and record what you observe happening towards the wet conventional paper towel. your five. During this time, put the funnel together with the plastic material test pipe. 6. Once one minute is long gone, using your hands, pick up the paper bath towel by among the corners touching the smallest sum possible and slowly go on to the top of the funnel and gently contract the water away enough devoid of ripping the paper hand towel. 7. Record how much water was assimilated in the paper towel searching directly in the measurements on the test conduit and what you saw.

Trial and error Design

your five

8. Empty the water from the test pipe and skillet, and dry it out with a wash material.

9. Repeat this experiment two more occasions so you possess three sets of data. 15. Repeat actions 2-8 for the Magic Very soft and Viva paper towels.

Process Skills:

Expertise Used

In which Skills...


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