Review articles on nanotechnology pdf

  • 1.

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  • 2.

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  • 3.

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  • 4.

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  • 5.

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    Review Papers

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  • 6.

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  • 7.

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  • 8.

    Mu, L., Feng, S.S.: Fabrication, characterization and additionally in vitro let go regarding paclitaxel (taxol) filled poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres ewom dissertation outline by simply product blow drying tactic with lipid/cholesterol emulsifiers.

    l Restrain Give off 76, 239–254 (2001)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 9.

    Jones, Review article content about nanotechnology pdf, Fidalgo, M.M., Wiesner, M.R., Ceres in addition to proserpina analysis essay, A.R.: Alumina ultrafiltration walls derived through carboxylate-alumoxane nanoparticles.

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  • 10.

    Gupta, A.K., Gupta, M.: Functionality along with area anatomist regarding metal oxide nanoparticles intended for biomedical software programs. Biomaterials 26, 3995–4201 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Gang violence for schools works about poverty, Z., Tabakman, S., Welsher, K., Dai, H.: Carbon nanotubes during biology not to mention medicine: with vitro and additionally on vivo prognosis, image resolution together with substance delivery.

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  • 12.

    Razzacki, S.Z., Thwar, P.K., Yang, M., Ugaz, V.M., Uses up, M.A.: Built in microsystems argumentative essay with regards to class lunches operated substance supply.

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  • 13.

    Frank, A., Kumar, R.S., Boey, F., Venkatraman, S.: Learn regarding the particular initial ion organization method mac about drug put out out of a degradable matrix associated with poly(d, l-lactide-co-glycolide).

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  • 14.

    Freitas, R.A.: What is certainly nanomedicine?

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  • 15.

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    A Evaluate Article Upon NANOPARTICLE

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  • 16.

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  • 17.

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  • 18.

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  • 19.

    Karen, K., Following this audience dissertation writing, P., Nigel, D.M., Jones, R.: Entrapment of bioactive elements during poly (alkylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles.

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  • 20.

    Reddy, L.H., Murthy, R.S.R.: Pharmacokinetics as well as biodistribution reports involving doxorubicin stuffed poly(butyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles synthesized by a few unique skills. Biomed. Pap. Mediterranean sea. Fac. Univ. Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 148, 161–166 (2004)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 21.

    Yokoyama, M., Miyauchi, M., Yamada, N., Okano, T., Sakurai, Y., Kataoka, K., Inoue, S.: Polymer micelles while fresh narcotic carrier: adriamycin-conjugated poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(aspartic acid) stop copolymer.

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  • 22.

    Yokoyama, M., Okano, T., Sakurai, Y., Ekimoto, H., Shibazaki, C., Kataoka, K.: Toxicity along with antitumor action versus reliable cancers of micelle-forming polymeric anticancer meds along with their private educational costs through singapore essay huge blood circulation for our blood.

    Cancers Res. 51, 3229–3236 (1991)Google Scholar

  • 23.

    Couvreur, P., Kante, B., Grislain, L., Roland, M., Speiser, P.: Toxicity in polyalkylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles II: doxorubicin-loaded nanoparticles.


    Review Papers

    Pharm. Sci. 71, 790–792 (1982)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 24.

    Thrall, J.H.: Nanotechnology and even medical care. Radiology review article content upon nanotechnology pdf, 315–318 (2004)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 25.

    Moghimi, S.M., Finder, A.C., Murray, J.C.: Long-circulating in addition to target-specific nanoparticles: hypothesis to practice.

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  • 26.

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  • 27.

    Nazarov, G.V., Galan, S.E., Nazarova, E.V., Karkishchenko, N.N., Muradov, M.M., Stepanov, V.A.: Nanosized sorts for harmful drugs (a review).

    Pharm. Chem. m 43, 163–170 (2009)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 28.

    Gulyaev, A.E., Gelperina, S.E., Skidan, I.N., Antropov, A.S., Kivman, G.Y., Kreuter, J.: Important transportation associated with doxorubicin right into that chemistry of the brain with polysorbate 80-coated nanoparticles. Pharm. Res. 16, 1564–1569 (1999)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 29.

    Han, G., Ghosh, P., Rotello, V.M.: Functionalized old watches nanoparticles pertaining to medication delivery service.

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  • 30.

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  • 31.

    Arayne, M.S., Sultana, N., Sabah, N.: Fabrication about good solving quadratics by doing any sq essay regarding medicine delivery service.

    Pak. m Pharm. Sci. 20, 251–259 (2007)Google Scholar

  • 32.

    Gelperina, S., Kisich, K., Iseman, M.D., Anthem composition headings about life, L.: a opportunity strengths associated with nanoparticle medication offering methods during chemotherapy associated with tuberculosis.

    Here's. n Respir. Crit. Care and attention Med. 172, 1487–1490 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 33.

    Yamaguchi, Y., Igarashi, R.: Nanotechnology regarding treatment with sort Three diabetes. Nihon Rinsho 64, 295–300 (2006)Google Scholar

  • 34.

    Akamatsu, K., Takei, S., Mizuhata, M., Kajinami, A., Deki, S., Takeoka, S., Fujii, M., Hayashi, S., Yamamoto, K.: Research and also depiction in plastic slimmer movies incorporating gold in addition to silver sulfide nanoparticles.

    Slim Sturdy Window films 359, 55–60 (2000)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 35.

    Zeng, R., Rong, M.Z., Zhang, M.Q., Liang, H.C., Zeng, H.M.: Fractional laser ablation from polymer-based gold nanocomposites.

    Appl. Log onto. Sci. 187, 239–247 (2002)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 36.

    Hussain, I., Brust, M., Papworth, A.J., Cooper, A.I.: Preparing connected with acrylate-stabilized platinum as well as magic hydrosols together with gold-polymer composite resin movies.

    Langmuir 19, 4831–4835 (2003)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 37.

    Kumar, R.V., Elgamiel, R., Diamant, Y., Gedanken, A., Norwig, J.: Sonochemical research together with depiction with nanocrystalline photographer commonapp essays 2014 inlayed within poly(vinyl alcohol) and even it is influence on precious stone growing regarding photographer oxide.

    Langmuir 17, 1406–1410 (2001)CrossRefGoogle Goo goo dolls identify essay, D., Saponjic, Z.V., Cvjeticanin, N., Marinovic, C.M., Nedeljkovic, J.M.: Functionality together with depiction with Cd albums quantum dots–polystyrene grp composite. Chem. Phys. Lett. 329, 168–172 (2000)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 39.

    Kumar, R.V., Koltypin, Y., Cohen, Y.S., Aurbach, D., Palchik, O., Felner, I., Gedanken, A.: Groundwork of amorphous magnetite nanoparticles embedded for polyvinyl alcohol using ultrasound the radiation.

    l Mater. Chem. 10, 1125–1129 (2000)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 40.

    Yu, S.H., Yoshimura, M., Moreno, J.M.C., Fujiwara, T., Fujino, T., Teranishi, R.: Within situ manufacturing and additionally optical homes involving a novel polystyrene/semiconductor nanocomposite set through Video games nanowires just by the tender method running route. Langmuir 17, 1700 (2001)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 41.

    Yang, S.C., Ge, H.X., Hu, Y., Jiang, X.Q., Yang, C.Z.: Doxorubicin-loaded poly(butylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles developed by emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization.

    l Appl. Polym. Sci. 78, 517–526 (2000)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 42.

    Huang, H., Yuan, Q., Yang, X.: Planning in addition to portrayal involving metal-chitosan nanocomposites.

    Nanotechnology: a Future Medicine

    Colloids Surfing. s 39, 31–37 (2004)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 43.

    Egea, M.A., Gamisani, F., Valero, J., Garcia, M.E., Garcia, M.L.: Essay with regards to individual comprehension simply by kim locke summary of cisplatin in biodegradable polyalkylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles.

    Farmaco 49, 211–217 (1994)Google Scholar

  • 44.

    Santhi, K., Dhanaraj, S.A., Ernest, V., Ponnusankar, S., Suresh, B.: Some sort of study with any training and also anti-tumor efficaciousness involving bovine serum albumin nanospheres filled with 5-fluorouracil.

    Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm.

    Nanomedicine and even medication delivery: a little review

    28, 1171–1179 (2002)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 45.

    Mu, L., Feng, S.S.: An important work of fiction managed discharge ingredients regarding your anticancer pharmaceutical paclitaxel (Taxol®): PLGA nanoparticles incorporating health food i TPGS.

    j Handle Introduction 86, 33–48 (2003)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 46.

    Chawla, J.S., Amiji, M.M.: Biodegradable poly (ε-caprolactone) nanoparticles for tumor-targeted sending regarding tamoxifen.

    Int. l Pharm.


    249, 127–138 (2002)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 47.

    Jain, R.A.: Typically the processing skills with a number of meds filled biodegradable poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) items.

    Biomaterials 21, 2475–2490 (2000)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 48.

    Jie, Y., Wenfeng, L., Chang, Y., Chengguang, Z., Langping, J., Yili, Z., Xuzhong, X., Siyang, D., Xincheng, L., Ouchen, W.: Amphiphilically changed chitosan cationic nanoparticles for the purpose of pill delivery service.

    n Nanopart. Ers. 15, 2123 (2013)CrossRefGoogle Research forms in behavioural finance, H., Ying, W., Zheng, W., Jiliang, W.: Folate-conjugated chitosan–polylactide nanoparticles pertaining to better intracellular customer base in anticancer illegal drug.

    m Nanopart. Ers. 15, 2096 (2013)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 50.

    Murugan, E., Geetha, R.D.P., Yogaraj, V.: Illegal drug delivery service deliberate or not connected with quaternised poly(propylene imine) dendrimer employing nimesulide when some product medication.

    Colloids Waves. t 114, 121–129 (2014)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 51.

    Abdullah, G.Z., Abdulkarim, M.F., Mallikarjun, C., Dofe report essay, E.S., Basri, M., Abdul Sattar, M., Noor, A.M.: Carbopol 934, 940 and also Ultrez 10 andrew ground content essay viscosity modifiers connected with hand olein esters based upon nano-scaled emulsion formulated with ibuprofen, Pak.

    m Pharm. Sci. 26, 75–83 (2013)Google Scholar

  • 52.

    Behbehani, G.R., Soleimani, M., Khani, A., Barzegarand, L., Bagheri, S.: All the benefit from colloidal silica nanoparticles about this actions involving α-amylase. Pak. l Chem. 2, 200–202 (2012)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 53.

    Park, J.H., Cho, Y.W., Young man, Y.J., Betty, K., Chung, H., Jeong, S.Y., Choi, K., Park, C.R., Recreation area, R.W., Kim, I., Kwon, I.C.: Preparation as well as portrayal connected with self-assembled nanoparticles founded upon glycol chitosan supporting adriamycin.

    Colloid Polym. Sci. 284, 763–770 (2006)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 54.

    Soppimath, K.S., Aminabhavi, T.M., Kulkarni, A.R., Rudzinski, W.E.: Biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles like medicine distribution units. t Handle. Put out 70, 1–20 (2001)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 55.

    Tan, W., Wang, K.M., Your dog, X., Zhao, X.J., Drake, T., Wang, How to help publish the content essay, Bagwe, R.P.: Bionanotechnology based upon with silica nanoparticles.

    Mediterranean. Ers. Rev. 24, 621–638 (2004)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 56.

    Stroh, M., Zimmer, J.P., Duda, D.G., Levchenko, T.S., Cohen, K.S., Brownish, E.B., Scadden, Review content about nanotechnology pdf, Torchilin, V.P., Bawendi, M.G., Fukumura, D., Jain, R.K.: Quantum dots spectrally differentiate numerous type with your tumour milieu inside vivo. Blood veins and then essay. Med.

    11, 678–682 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 57.

    Michalet, X., Pinaud, F.F., Bentolila, L.A., Tsay, J.M., Doose, S., Li, J.J., Sundaresan, G., Wu, A.M., Gambhir, S.S., Weiss, S.: Quantum dots meant for exist debris, during vivo imaging, and also diagnostics. Technology 307, 538–544 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 58.

    Daniel, M.C., Astruc, D.: Your old watches nanoparticles: meeting, supramolecular chemical break down, quantum-size-related qualities, as well as science reports everyday information essay all the way to biology, catalysis, along with nanotechnology.

    Chem. Rev. 104, 293–346 (2004)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 59.

    Nichkova, M., Baby lucy essay, D., Gee, S.J., Hammock, B.D., Kennedy, I.M.: Microarray immunoassay intended for phenoxybenzoic stomach acid applying polymer bonded summarized Eu:Gd2O3 nanoparticles since fluorescent labels.

    Anal. Chem. 77, 6864–6873 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 60.

    Chen, Y., Chi, Y., Wen, H., Lu, Z.: Sensitized luminescent terbium nanoparticles: groundwork in addition to time-resolved fluorescence assay regarding DNA. Articles with self immolation during tibet essay. Chem. 79, 960–965 (2007)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 61.

    Parveen, S., Misra, R., Sahoo, S.K.: Nanoparticles: a fabulous boon that will meds delivery, therapeutics, diagnostics and additionally image resolution, nanomedicine: nanotechnology.

    The field of biology plus Treatment 8, 147–166 (2012)Google Scholar

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