Vinamilk Mbaar Essay

Device Outcomes

OutcomeEvidence for the criteriaFeedbackAssessor's decisionInternal Verification

Initial attemptRe-work

Be able to monitor

appropriate systems to

improve efficiency


LO3Design systems to handle and screen quality specifications specified by the organisation3. you

Demonstrate a quality culture to make sure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process3. a couple of

Recommend improvements which line-up with the organisation's objectives and goals and which lead to improvements3. several

Report within the wider ramifications of recommended changes in the organisation3. 4 Be able to take care of health

and safety at work

LO4Carry away risk checks as needed by laws, regulation and organisational requirements ensuring ideal action is usually taken4. 1

Demonstrate that health and basic safety regulations and legislation relevant in specific work conditions are appropriately and properly applied4. two

Carry out a scientific review of efficiency health and basic safety policies and procedures to be able to ensure they can be effective and compliant4. three or more

Carry out program of health and safety policies and types of procedures in the workplace4. 4 Advantage grades awardedM1M2M3

Distinction levels awardedD1D2D3


( ) Well-structured; Reference point is done properly / must be done (if any)

Overall, you've

Areas intended for improvement:



(Oral feedback was also provided)









You can be a consulting member of the ‘quality team' (The organisation is the same as assignment one particular ‘Managing Business Activities to accomplish Results'). The case below is dependent on a real life organisation, but specifics have been improved for analysis purposes and don't reflect the existing management techniques. Students happen to be however prompted to search the internet for mix references in answering this assignment.

Vinamilk's €30 million project in Vietnam

Origin: Dairy Companies International, Nov2010, Vol. 75 Issue 11, p10-10

Vinamilk, the market innovator in Vietnam for production of milk products, has located an order with GEA Process Engineering for the delivery of two finish dairy finalizing lines for production of infant solution. The purchase of more than €30 million is usually Vinamilk's biggest single purchase in dairy processing tools to date.

The delivery includes two GEA Process Anatomist wet combine plants, two GEA Niro spray dryers, and two GEA Colby powder handling and price tag filling plants. GEA Process Engineering will likely provide power and mechanical installation along with production start up services.

The two processing lines will each have a capacity to produce four tonnes of infant formulation per hour Newborn formula production, scheduled to commence in August 2012, will serve the domestic industry in Vietnam, as well as Vinamilk's export markets.

Reference options:

Kim Eng Company Rprts VN [8 pages, 323Kb]

SaiGon Sec Company. Report VN [4 pages, 217Kb]

Like a consulting member of the ‘quality team' composing a report Tran Bao Minh based on the next tasks:


•Design systems to deal with and monitor quality specifications specified by Vinamilk (3. 1) (Design two feasible dairy control lines intended for production from the new newborn formula systems so as to be in line being managed and monitor quality standards particular by the Vinamilk)

•Demonstrate a top quality culture to make sure continuous monitoring, evaluation and...


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